I’ll start off with a little wedding planning tip: your guest count directly affects every wedding budget line item and how the budget is allocated. In other words, the guest count drives every decision you make with your wedding day! We know it’s challenging to decide who makes the guest list, so we thought of sharing some tips on how to cut your guest list.


When was the last time you spoke to this family member? Have you seen them in a year, 3 years, or 5 years? Will your mother/father be upset if this family member isn’t invited?

If you have not communicated with this family member for an extended period of time and parent(s) will not be upset that they were not invited, we advise removing ‘said family member’ from the guest list. In addition, if they live in another state and you know they do not like to travel, this is another reason to remove a family member from the guest list.


When was the last time you spoke with this friend? Do you still keep in touch via text, calls, social media, etc. or have you naturally lost touch due to life changes and new seasons? 

Friendships are a beautiful intersection in time, and not all friendships are meant to last through every season as you and they change and grow. Have a think as to whether you see yourself and your partner investing into this friendship in the future. It’s OK to let go of friends with love… and not invite them to your wedding.

Work Colleagues

Many of us spend more time communicating with our work colleagues than anyone else. Seriously think about that for a minute - crazy, right?! Only invite work friends who actually know you, not ‘work title’ you, but the you on the weekends and off the clock. 

Just because you invite a handful of work colleagues, you do not need to invite them all. In other words, you do not need to invite your manager, boss, or everyone on your team. Think about whether it will bring you joy to see photos of these work colleagues in your wedding photos 10 years from now.

The B List

Let’s be honest, every couple has a B guest list. The small group of people who the couple would love to have at their wedding but due to venue guest count capacity or budget constraints, they were removed from the A list. Chances are very high that a couple or many guests on your B list will be invited to the wedding, just at a later time, so do not feel bad for needing to have this separation! 

This is a PSA to any guest who is invited past RSVP deadline to a wedding: it is not an insult to be invited at a later date. Weddings are big investments and I hope you extend understanding and grace as the couple navigates the many nuances of wedding planning. Plus, now you get to attend an epic party!



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