We love dreaming big and designing events that suit our clients personalities and aesthetic, but we’re also acutely aware that keeping track of event costs and overall budget in mind are equally as important. We show our clients what is achievable within budget and then show them what their “dream” look may actually cost. In the process, we aim to educate our clients so that they can decide where to compromise and where to go all out!

Here are five tips on elements we encourage our clients to splurge a bit on because we believe it has a lasting impact on the guest experience.


Clearly communicating and providing transportation details in advance of your wedding weekend is key. When guests feel taken care of and like every detail has been thought of, they arrive feeling more relaxed and present. If your wedding venue is a remote location, consider providing shuttles and make it fun by giving guests a mini goodie bag for the ride. If you are hosting a destination wedding, consider providing private group shuttles to/from the airport to the hotel. While transportation costs don't necessarily contribute to the “beauty” of an event, it greatly impacts the guest experience.

Welcome Gifts

Curating a personalized welcome gifting station at your welcome party or placing welcome gifts in guest rooms is such a sweet touch to kick off your wedding weekend. We encourage couples to include items in the welcome gift which share their favorite snacks, favorite beverages, local goods, and weekend essentials suitable for their wedding’s terrain. For example, if you are hosting an outdoor summer wedding, include mini sunscreens and chapsticks. If you are hosting an indoor winter wedding, include mini lotions and balms. With the welcome gift, it’s a great opportunity to include a personalized note and/or weekend itinerary, another element of personalized hospitality for the guest experience.


We love every element that creates a stunning tablescape (personally, I’m a sucker for gorgeous glassware and the more the merrier!), but if I were to choose one element where I encourage clients to invest a little more and go the extra mile, it would be really nice, soft to the touch, and beautiful dinner napkins. Firstly, dinner napkins are a key visual element in your tablescape and you have the opportunity to customize (i.e. wedding monogram, specific pattern, etc.) or have the napkin be the palette accent. Secondly, every guest will see, feel, and continually use their napkin throughout dinner. Investing in a double sided linen or 100% cotton dinner napkin is a small way where you can elevate the guest experience.

Invest in Service

Ensuring you have a vendor team which values and prioritizes service is key. This starts with your wedding planning team and choosing a planner who sees guest service just as important as beautiful design. From there, your planner will recommend vendors who align with their business values and approach to hospitality. Your planner should also have a discussion with catering regarding staff counts and ensuring enough staff are hired to keep bar lines to a minimum, bussing is constant and thorough, and each guest table is serviced properly with wine and water throughout dinner. When these elements flow seamlessly, you don’t think about it being potential issues, but when the service elements are neglected, it becomes glaring eyesores. Luxury is thoughtful hospitality in every moment.


This last tip doesn’t impact the guest experience, but it affects your experience as the bride and groom. Hire your dream photographer and budget accordingly. Period. Photography rates greatly range, but we always encourage couples to hire the photographer whose style and essence most resonate with them. This is not an area we encourage you to compromise because your wedding photographs become family heirlooms and investments you have in your home for years to come. 



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