Meet Michelle Ellamae

I love bringing people together. And I believe relationships - family, partners, friends, pets, co-workers, acquaintances- are the icing on the cake to this one, extraordinary life.

I have nearly a decade of experience creating weddings, social events, award shows, and fundraisers and I feel very fortunate to have formed a career doing what I love most.

My design style stems from years of travel throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, fostering a passion for incorporating local cultures, textiles, and organics in my designs. I am inspired by natural landscapes, historic architecture, traditional fabrics, local farmers and produce, contagious smiles, the simple joy of gelato on a sunny afternoon, and mostly, my client's stories, passions, and goals. I aim to interweave their vision with my event expertise to produce memorable celebrations which exceed expectations and are within budget.

Ultimately, I launched Ellamae Productions to create an organization which celebrates community, stories, and the goodness in humanity.