Now that the shock, initial fear, and hoarding of COVID-19 has subsided, most of us are thinking, “What will be the new norm post pandemic?”, “Will there be a new norm?”, and the really cool thing is EVERYONE is figuring it out together. 

We’ve been thinking a lot about when things will resume back to normal and people can gather to celebrate again, but it has taken until this week to realize we will be returning to a different world because I have changed, and so have you. 

To help us, and hopefully you, wrap our minds around a ‘new normal’, we want to share EP’s perspective on what the new norm will look like for the events industry post COVID-19 pandemic.

Bye Bye Buffets

The notion of buffets are a thing of the past, and likely, family style service will also be frowned upon for a while. Instead of buffet service, caterers will need to provide more serving staff to distribute plated meals or have guests stand 6’ apart at several ‘buffet’ lines while food is plated before guests’ eyes and handed over at the end of the line. 

Individually Packaged Flatware

Flatware will unlikely be able to sit on a table without packaging or protection moving forward. We anticipate flatware to be individually packaged at each seat to minimize exposure to people and diseases.

Roomier Seating Charts

Typically, an 8’ rectangle table can seat 8 people and a 60” round table can seat 8-10 people. Fewer people will be seated at tables post pandemic to create more distance, so we expect an 8’ table to comfortably sit 4 people and a 60” round to seat 4-6 people max. 

Dance Parties

Dancing will never be cancelled, but huddling together and dancing closely will likely need to be put on hold. Some ideas to spice up a wedding dance party are handing out silent disco headphones or creating dance circles only with those in your immediate company (i.e. wedding date, family members, etc.)

Dedicated Cleanliness Attendant

In addition to greeters and check-in staff, there will likely be an addition of cleanliness attendants upon guest arrival, checking guests’ temperature and ensuring each guest sanitizes their hands before entering an event. All event staff will need to wear face masks moving forward, providing a great creative canvas to also customize with entertaining images/verbiage or helpful directional signage. We try to find the silver lining in everything!

Emergency Contact Information

We expect post-event contact information to be requested before attending events moving forward, so the host can contact attendees in the event guests are exposed to someone with COVID-19.

We are excited about the prospect of being with you soon again and we are ready to change with the times to ensure you and your guests' health and safety remain top priority.

*Cover photo by Roboro- check them out at https://www.roboro6.com/shop for custom recycled textile face masks for yourself or medical workers!



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