We love how creative people have been in creating connections and memories during quarantine - from front lawn concerts for the neighborhood to drive-by birthday parties - it shows our need to have human interactions and be with one another.

During this time, event professionals have had to get more creative with how we create meaningful connection, beyond broadcasting virtual events and programs through online platforms. If we’re honest, even the most well-produced and organized virtual events could never compare in effectiveness or magic to IRL (in real life) experiences. 

We have loved helping our wedding clients transition from large weddings (50+ guests) to micro weddings (20 guests or less) or postpone their celebrations. When clients choose to move forward with elopements or micro wedding plans which only involve their immediate family, we suggest creating custom experience boxes to be delivered to their original wedding guests when sharing the celebration update.

Whether you are planning a virtual nonprofit fundraiser or micro wedding, we believe sending experience boxes is the next best thing to IRL experiences, and we’re sharing reasons why and tips to create your own experience boxes in this blog post!

What is an Experience Box?

An experience box is a custom, detailed package sent to your guests who cannot be in attendance at the intimate event which include elements from the live event. Most experience boxes include cocktail (or mocktail) ingredients with a recipe card, snack items related to the event menu, and personalized elements (thank you card, flowers/plants, party paraphernalia, or information card.)

Items in this featured experience box include Maker's Mark whiskey, Bittermilk bourbon barrel aged old fashioned cocktail mix, Endangered Species chocolate, Alaffia Good Soap, Epic Bar snacks, and a locally grown succulent.

Why are Experience Boxes Effective?

Everyone loves receiving packages and letters in the mail, especially when it is an unexpected package filled with treats and goodies! Experience boxes revive the magic of traditional snail mail and bring a piece of the live event to someone’s doorstep. They are accessible and convenient, an act of kindness and gesture of thankfulness from you to your guests. At Ellamae Productions, we hand deliver every experience box within Los Angeles and Orange County and have associates throughout the nation to handle national deliveries. 

Important Things to Consider When Curating Your Experience Boxes

Below are questions we ask our clients when initially designing and sourcing items for experience boxes:

What is your budget for raw materials per box?

  • Your budget drives our proposed experience box items and the number of items we can include. We provide you with estimated packaging, delivery, and shipping costs pending the number of experience boxes needed and delivery locations.

What are some of your favorite cocktails (or mocktails)? 

  • We choose the best ‘DIY packaged cocktail kit’ which is easy to make and aesthetically aligned with your event theme for your experience boxes.

What are some of your favorite snacks?

  • We typically choose every day snack items which tie into your wedding/event theme or really give an essence of who you are. The goal is to create as little ‘work’ as possible for the recipients.

On the list of people to receive an experience box, do you know of any dietary restrictions?

  • Since we package each experience box ourselves, we are able to further customize particular boxes for recipients who are gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, etc. at no extra cost.

Is there particular messaging you would like included in the experience box card?

  • With our experience boxes, we create custom cocktail creation cards with a personalized message from the client. 

What are some of your favorite activities and pastimes?

  • From your list of favorite pastimes, we suggest specialty items which fit within the event/box theme which can be kept as an experience memoire (similar to taking home a parting gift at live events). 

This box theme was inspired by the couple's love for camping and outdoor elopement set in the Big Bear mountains.

At Ellamae Productions, we handle sourcing and purchasing all boxes, packaging, labeling, and delivery of experience boxes. If you decide to create DIY experience boxes, don’t forget to budget in packaging, printing, and shipping/delivery! 

We believe experience boxes will remain on trend even after we are able to gather together again. They are great for the elderly and disabled who may not be able to travel to your event/wedding, perfect for a friend who is having a rough day, a very sweet way to ask your bridal party to stand by your side, and professional yet fun for longtime nonprofit donors and sponsors.

Please contact us at ellamaeproductions@gmail.com if you would like to collaborate on creating custom experience boxes and learn more about our services! Let’s continue being creative in finding safe, fun ways to connect with one another.



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