As wedding tradition has it, your wedding party attire should look cohesive and be aesthetically supporting of the ceremony look. However, with matching bridal party outfits, it also takes away each person’s autonomy to express their personalities through their attire. We have loved seeing trends that celebrate individualism and unique personalities while still complimenting the wedding design - here are some of our favorite tips!


If allowing pattern is complimentary to the overall wedding day design, then this is a fun way to allow personal expression. Perhaps your Spring wedding in the French countryside calls for flora & fauna attire - let your bridesmaids choose from a variety of spring colors and ateliers that tastefully craft dresses with flora & fauna inspiration. Perhaps your wedding look is inspired by Great Gatsby glam - allow your bridesmaids to choose dresses of varying lengths with sparkle, lace, feathers, etc. to make a statement!

Bouquet & Boutonniere Alternatives

In lieu of traditional bridesmaids bouquets, some brides may opt to have bouquet purses, vintage summer fans, variety of shawls, or no bouquets at all for their bridal party. This area is a great element to discuss with your wedding planner to consider all the options and what feels most authentic to you, but also your bridal party members.

For groomsmen, pocket square bouquets, custom brooches, or simply forgoing a boutonniere altogether allow for that personal touch on matching suits. No boutonnieres may open the conversation for patterned ties and/or pocket squares with fewer elements to draw the eye.

Shades of the Same

Allowing your bridesmaids to choose dresses in 3-4 shades of the same color is a great way to keep the look cohesive while allowing a bit of personal flare. We suggest that if you allow shades of color, to limit the outfit to one style. For groomsmen, we suggest allowing shades of pocket squares or shades of sock colors for personal touch.

Different Cuts

On the contrary to shades of color, if you decide you would like all bridesmaids in the same color dress, then allowing 3-4 styles not only allows autonomy, but each woman can choose a style which best compliments her figure.

Custom Accents

It’s important to provide your bridal party with a jewelry and hair/makeup styling guide, so that you ensure the look remains cohesive but each woman can then choose their preferred complimentary jewelry to their attire. We also recommend providing a nails color guide since their hands and feet will undoubtedly be photographed in wedding portraits, but this is where you can allow a little fun and personality!



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