We’re beyond excited events and weddings are safely returning in the U.S., allowing us to create celebrations with higher guest counts. We’re sharing tips on how to curate a perfect event/wedding menu to ensure there is something delicious and satisfying for each of your guests. We hope you find this helpful as we’re re-emerging into social events once again!

Type of Cuisine

When working with caterers, they typically provide a large selection of menu items for you to choose hors d’oeuvres and dinner courses. Decide on the type of cuisine you would like to serve (i.e. Asian, Spanish, Italian, Indian, etc.) and then select delicious sounding items within the cuisine type. This helps you create a cohesive culinary experience rather than a mismatched assortment.


Vegetarian options do not have to be boring or plain! We’ve seen menu items like roasted cauliflower steak, risotto, and fresh pastas that have been a huge hit at large events. Items like risotto and pasta are comfort foods and even though it’s an event, guests are still drawn to comforting items, especially after a couple cocktails!


We've loved seeing caterers offer more seafood options over the past couple years. We suggest to never serve any dishes with shellfish due to common allergies, and if you do, make sure the dish is served without any shells. Between fish like salmon or white fish (sea bass, cod, etc.), we suggest selecting white fish as it is typically lighter and feels more ‘special’ than salmon.


If you decide having a meat option is a must, we suggest offering just one meat option. It is likely that a beef, duck, or chicken option will satisfy guests who do not prefer seafood or vegetarian options. 

Flavor Profiles

Across the food & beverage menus, select an array of items which satisfy the 5 flavor profiles: salty, sour, sweet, bitter, and spice. For example, a refreshing jalapeño margarita satisfies spice and sour which can be beautifully paired with prosciutto wrapped melon for a salty and sweet profile. It’s important to offer a variety of items which are not only indulgent but also comforting and unique in taste to keep your guests’ stomachs hungry and interested!



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